Who Are We?

Giobo Rooms is a family-run B&B. Sandro and Graziella serve breakfast every morning and make sure the house is always nice and tidy. Gianni, their elder son, and Bruna, his girlfriend, take care of the website and the bookings.

What Does Giobo Mean?

For most people, nothing, it’s a made-up word. But for our family, it means everything. Giobo is the blend of a name and a surname: Giovanni Bomboi, an amazing father, a special grandfather, and the person whom this land belonged to. He gifted it to us many years ago. Here, we built our home and made this place the setting of our fondest memories. Many things have changed since. We all grew up, the kids left the nest and Giovanni is no longer with us. However, his presence is still strong in our hearts, and we wanted to celebrate what a great person he was by building something that would keep his legacy going.

It goes without saying that Giobo is a special place to us and we hope it’ll be the same for you. A place where you’ll make wonderful memories too, just like we did.