Italian Laws and IDs

According to Italian law, every manager of an accommodation facility must register the guests staying there, often using tools such as the State Police web lodging system ( https://alloggiatiweb.poliziad...). In particular, it is necessary to send a presence notification to the Questura office within 24 hours of their arrival, through the State Police web lodging portal.

This procedure is carried out by completing a form called "Scheda di notifica" or lodging card. Each region may have its own variant of the form, but the purpose is always the same: to track who stays in Italian accommodation facilities.

So, if you were wondering why we, or any other lodging facilities in our country for that matter, ask you for your IDs, well, now you know.

Tourist Tax

All tourists staying in accommodations in Italy are required to pay the tourist tax. Rates vary depending on the area. Click on the link below for more information on our municipal regulations.